OZGUN KEMER & SANDALET specializes in braided belts and sandals. Our products are mainly handmade with 100% natural leather. We strive to bring our customers high quality at the best price.

I first started the business in 1989 from home, and in the second half of 1990 the first workshop was opened. We have been manufacturing non-stop since then for almost 30 years.

We have been operating as a family business for the past 20 years. My wife and I worked together to bring our company to where it is today. Our mutual principles and business ethic guided us through hurdles that made our company one of the best. We consult each other on business matters all the time. My wife will see details that I may have overlooked and vice versa thus allowing us to make the right decisions every time. As we consult each other we get the chance to really go over each decision on a deeper level.

In the past we manufactured bags, purses, suspenders and sandals but our main product has always been braided belts together with sandals, so we have decided to focus on just those two products.

Our customer base is spread over all corners of the world. We have been working with France, Russia, Australia, Japan, Greece, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan through our contacts; directly working with the USA since the 1990s and with Germany since the 2000s.

Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us thus we pay great attention to the quality of our products. Our aim is to be one of the market leaders in Europe, especially in Germany. With an innovative approach we are always looking forward to new and fresh ideas to make our company stronger.