As a handmade sandal manufacturer, we develop and manufacture our sandals and belts in our own workshops in Istanbul. Braided and vegetable tanned leather and the whipcord technique and workmanship is utilised in our belts and sandals. We harbour 30 years’ experience in the field. Expertise and high quality materials put together to bring our customers products that show our craftsmanship at the best form possible. 


Using many different types of leathers in our sandal designs, we are always innovating and designing to bring our customers new ideas and patterns. Based on customer requests we can prepare up to 30 new patterns amount. Customers can request designs tailored to their needs. The only drawback at this point is with the sole of the sandals because of feasibility and numbers required by the customer. Unfortunately sole makers have minimum order numbers and they typically do not accept orders under a certain amount. Otherwise welt and microlight soles and heeled soles have no minimum order problems, they can be custom made or mass produced.


Sandals are meticulously handmade in our workshops by skilled workers who have many years of experience in their respective fields. 100% calf skin is used for the soles of the sandals because it prevents smells and the feet sweating. Once complete, sandals are checked for any loose threads and cleaned generally, and than taken out of the mould for quality control and tested on a model and prepared for mass production at each size category, and packed.

We only use vegetable tanned leather which is an important criteria for the European market. They are manufactured in organised industrial sites and European manufacturing standards are applied. Same is valid for buckles and clasps. Buckle and clasp coatings can be made nickel free as per customer request. We provide a wide range of colours scheme. We personally visit the suppliers before purchasing to see firsthand the quality of the stock.

As a handmade sandal manufacturer, as well as the minimum order numbers on ready made soles, we can produce custom designs based on customer requests including drawings.


Using leather and jute weave, we manufacture sandals suitable for everyday use, comfortable both for city life and the countryside. Sole support can be welt, microlight or polyurethane depending on customer request. We apply these features on to our own patterns we design.

Braided designs are also our area of expertise so we can entertain these details in a number of ways as per customer request. There is also the option to use fabric on products so as to add richness to our designs.


Sandal sample production takes up to 15 days including all the processes necessary for the finished product, such as drawings, moulds and the supply of soles requested, etc.

It is very important for us as sandal manufacturer that our products are at the desired quality level our customers look for. So each and every sandal is quality controlled by our experienced staff to satisfy the level of quality desired.


We are very sensitive with delivery times. Our customers have the option of specifying the logistics companies they would like to work with. Otherwise we can arrange for the shipping and delivery.  Our company is also able to do its own exporting. Our prices are FOB.

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